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Greetings Asterans!

I've finally pulled the trigger and decided we will be 100% moving over to Discord. We've stopped making announcements here for roughly several months and the community is most definitely on our Discord server and in-game rather than here. The website will stay live as a portal for all of our third parties to access the discord, display our lovely staff team, vote sites, and to keep track of monthly competitions.

If you haven't already, be sure to join our extremely lively Discord server by clicking on the link below.


Greetings Asterans,

New Applications and Appeals For Staff Team: 

We've moved Helper applications and Ban appeals onto Discord. To begin, access the #apply-appeal channel and type "/apply". You will be PMd by our application bot and given a choice between a Helper application or Ban appeal. View below the numbers to enter in chat for either. You will be asked to answer the typical helper application or ban appeal questions now on our website. (Look above for visual instructions)

Helper/Developer Application:

To begin, type "/apply" in the #apply-appeal channel. You will be PMd by our application bot, type "1" in chat for a Helper application type "3" for a Developer Application. You will be asked to answer the typical application questions. Staff will review your application as normal and if accepted you will receive a notice via the application bot asking you to PM a member of Upper Staff on Discord to schedule a time for your interview.

Punishment Appeals:

To begin, type "/apply" in the #apply-appeal channel. You will be PMd by our application bot, type "2" in chat to begin. You will be asked to answer the typical punishment appeal questions. Staff will of course review your appeal as normal. After it has been discussed you will be PMd by a staff member about the status of your appeal.

You can sign up on the servers discord here.

Subzero69 i need to do a ban appeal plz give me a valid discord link plz so i can apply
Greetings Asterans!

Please expect scheduled maintenance on Sunday July 15th, somewhere between 6-9 AM EST. This is not during peak time and there are usually very few players online. Maintenance should take no longer than an hour.
Thank you for your understanding.
- Haz

Greetings Asterans, Happy Fourth of July!

We recognize our playerbase is from all over the world but, being a server based in America we've launched a miniature Fourth of July event. However we all may not celebrate it, we've added fun items even for those who don't!
To begin, find your way onto the island behind the general area of /warp event. Heads around the island and general area of /warp event will give you a dull firework, you may then use these to trade for a new tag, a patriotic set of armor, and Fourth of July themed fireworks!
~ Tune in later for a drop party, giveaway, and a firework show! ~
Happy Fourth Asterans!
- Love, Hannah

June Top Monthly Rewards

The time for top monthly rewards has come!

Thank you all for your dedication towards playing and voting all throughout June, these are the voucher winners:

Top Playtime: 1st Place - z0mbie_warr1or - 242.39 Hours

2nd Place - SincerelyBored - 227.27 Hours

3rd Place - Budanator - 191.01 Hours


Top Voters: 1st Place - Budanator - 130 Votes

2nd Place - DaddyGordo - 114Votes

3rd Place - ADDragon908 - 113 Votes

Congratulations to all winners! I will PM you all on discord with coupon codes/voucher codes for our donation store. For those who didn't win, there's always this month!

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