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The Asteran Tales of Tee Alduin

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Dear Reader,

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Wizardteepot, though most people call me Tee. I’m an aspiring author, and I love writing all kinds of lore stories for different types of servers that I play on. I figure Astera should be no different! Unfortunately, I haven’t quite played enough of Astera to know quite where this story will take me, but who knows, that’s half the fun! Anyways, I’ve written a short chapter here for you, as I test out the waters for writing for this server, and I hope you enjoy!

Tee Alduin/Wizardteepot

Chapter 1: The Arrival

It was the sparks she noticed first, as if the cold flurry of snowflakes in the air began to coalesce before her eyes, crackling in small bursts of energy to illuminate the inner chamber of the tower that she sat in. The little specks of light began to form a shape: it was formless at first, before she could vaguely make out a humanoid shape from within; this was an event she had begun to get used to, as Hannah said she would. She looked down at a timepiece, and clicked her tongue. “He’s late.”


Tee was thrust forward, and launched from what he could only assume was a dark void. His vision was spotty, his memory spottier. He couldn’t remember how he got here, and as he looked around, he realized he couldn’t even tell where “here” was. Houses were decorated in all forms of color, as lights and ribbons seemed to hang from whatever spot was available. He caught a scent of cinnamon, as the scent of some nearby cooking wafted past him. People rushed all over, handing each other small boxes filled with all sorts of goodies
“Merry Christmas!” he heard a voice call from behind him. Turning around, Tee saw a young woman stand up from the chair she had been resting upon. She pocketed something small and gold, but what exactly it was, he couldn’t tell. “Welcome to Astera, Tee!”

Astera? It sounded...familiar, but not quite. The word warbled as it bounced around his mind, the distortion making it sound like he knew of a place very similar to it. The name felt like it was on the tip of his tongue, but he lost it all together. “I’m Ata, by the way,” she said, sticking out her hand towards him.

Ata. Ata. Ata. The name itself set his head ablaze, pounding from the sheer force of repeating it over and over again. He knew, in a moment’s glance, that he’d already known Ata; but how and why, he’d have to find out. Tee placed a finger to his temple, until the searing pain subsided a bit, then shook Ata’s hand. “Wh-where…?”

Ata gave a small, but worried smile. “Are you alright, Tee?” Tee waved her concern off, then shivered, as if his bones had suddenly noticed the abhorrent weather. “Right, let’s get you something warm to drink.”


She dragged Tee to the inn within the town square, and both of them welcomed the heat of the nearby fire. She ordered two hot chocolates, one of her favorite parts of the holiday, and sat down across Tee. He had taken residence at one of the tables near the window, staring out across the open square. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions,” she started, taking a sip of her drink.

He thanked her for the cup, before taking his own swig. “I’m sure I’ve experienced weirder things in the past, but I feel like I can’t remember...anything. It’s just a clean slate.”

“Except for some bits and pieces that you still think you can remember, right? Like people, places?”

“Yeah, something like that. Was it the same for you, Ata?”

She took another sip of her drink, before nodding. “Something like that. I’ve known you’d be coming for awhile now, Tee. But why, I have no idea.”

Tee shut his eyes, and took a deep breath. “Right. Well, at least there’s a familiar face here to keep me company, right?”

“Speaking of!” Ata said, perking up. “There’s a couple others here that you might recognize.”

“Oh?” Tee asked, opening his eyes once more.

“Yeah!” She quickly glanced at the bartender, and held up two fingers. “Let’s get you another drink or two, and some rest. I’ll take you to Zemil comes the morning.”

Tee nodded his appreciation. “Might as well do something productive, if I’m here now.”

Ata smiled again, before patting him on the shoulder. “I promise you’ll like it here, Tee. The people are really quite nice.” She walked over to the bar, grabbed the extra hot chocolates the bartender had set out for her, and placed an Asteran Stone on the counter, knowing that she was probably over paying for the drinks.

The bartender pushed the Stone back towards her. “These are on the house. Just make sure he doesn’t catch a cold, will ya?” She silently pocketed the Stone, and bowed her head, before grabbing the beverages.

She turned back towards the new arrival, who was still looking out the window. She smiled just at the sight of him: Tee had come to Astera.
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This is amazing! You are an awesome descriptive writer. Keep it up :) :thumb:
Posted Dec 31, 18
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