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June Top Monthly Winners

By [Owner] Ruskio a - Posted Jul 1, 18

June Top Monthly Rewards

The time for top monthly rewards has come!

Thank you all for your dedication towards playing and voting all throughout June, these are the voucher winners:

Top Playtime: 1st Place - z0mbie_warr1or - 242.39 Hours

2nd Place - SincerelyBored - 227.27 Hours

3rd Place - Budanator - 191.01 Hours


Top Voters: 1st Place - Budanator - 130 Votes

2nd Place - DaddyGordo - 114Votes

3rd Place - ADDragon908 - 113 Votes

Congratulations to all winners! I will PM you all on discord with coupon codes/voucher codes for our donation store. For those who didn't win, there's always this month!

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