There are NO refunds for donation store items. These are donations to help grow the server further.

Here you will find an in-depth rule list for our server.

By logging into our website or server, you are agreeing to follow the rules we have laid out for you, defiance or refusal to do so will result in punishment in various different ways that are explained below.

If you cannot contribute to the community positively you will be deemed as toxic and therefore removed.

We take player harassment very seriously, if you are harassing another player in or outside of our minecraft server, you will be removed from the community. Whether or not this harassment took place on our server, you repesent us even when you are offline. We will NOT tolerate ANY kind of harrasment and most certainly will not risk players feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when playing on our server.

We have ZERO tolerance for harassment.

 Staff should be made aware immediately if you are being harassed. If you wouldn't feel comfortable creating a report in public, feel free to personally message one of our staff members, including proof of harassment for action to be taken.

Automated slimefun fruit machines with redstone (you can use androids still!) are banned due to potentially being harmful to the server and negatively effecting the server's performance. Attempting to automate slimefun fruits with an automated redstone machine is bannable, we will see at it as you trying to negatively impact the server's performance and/or possibly crash the server.

You can report any players in-game who are bypassing rules or causing trouble with the command:

/report (player) (reason)
The following player will be dealt with as soon as possible. You must also make a report on Discord with included proof of their actions.

Please be aware, that staff members have the final say in every situation, if you ever feel that their decision was inadequate, please feel free to contact upper staff (if necessary) and make a report or complaint on our forums.

Drama, arguing, or toxicity in any chat will be deemed as inappropriate and will therefore result in a punishment.

Punishments will vary depending on the situation and will be determined by the available staff members. 

New rules will be added if necessary, ignorance is no excuse to defy or bypass any rule.

Please check back reguarly to keep yourself informed of any new rules. It's also a good chance to refamiliarise yourself with the current rules.


  • Your Account, Your Responsibility
    • You are responsible for any and all behaviour that takes place on your account. Because of this reason, we recommend that you do not allow your account to be accessible for anyone other than yourself.

    • You should only have one account logged into the server at a time. Bypassing daily/weekly chests, bans, job caps, and so on with alts are all punishable.

    • If you feel you are wrongly banned for having an alt, make an appeal and explain your situation.

    • Respect all staff and players.

    • You are not permitted to /ignore a staff member.

    • Players who are considered detrimental to the community will be removed without further consideration. If you can’t contribute positively, you will be considered toxic to the player base and removed.

    • Respect staff decisions. If a staff member has informed you of something wrong, or determined a punishment, you are expected to respect it and you must NOT argue back with their decision. If you choose to argue back, this will be considered as disrespect to staff and ignorance of the server rules and actions will be taken accordingly. Staff are held responsible for judging situations in need of resolvement. If the player feels it’s unjust, they can appeal on the forums.

    • By playing on the server, you are agreeing to follow the rules we have laid out for you.

We take our fairness and equality for all players seriously and if this is cannot be understood, this may result in your balance, mcmmo levels, ranks and job levels being reset, on top of a ban.

  • Jobs
    • Certain jobs have restrictions in order to keep the playing field level for everybody.

    • Builder is NOT to be used with schematica's printer feature. If you use them together it will be considered abuse of your job and actions will be taken by members of staff. It is a privilege to allow both of these elements on the server at the same time, so we ask that you do not abuse it!
      • You may only use schematica's printer feature if you do NOT have the builder job and you may only use builder if you do NOT use schematica's printer function. Using the builder job and schematica's printer together is a bannable offense.

  • Plugins and in-game mechanics
    • No bug exploiting. No server is flawless, especially when new plugins are added. Occasionally catastrophic bugs become serverwide knowledge. Please refrain from abusing them, and contact staff privately if you have found one. If you choose to further exploit these bugs without informing a member of staff, you will be punished accordingly either with a ban, or with all of your belongings, money, mcmmo levels and ranks being removed from your person.

    • You may place a maximum of 50 hoppers and a maximum of 50 pistons in one area at a time. Having more may result in them being edited out by upper staff.

    • No AFK machines/farming. These will be destroyed by staff and you will be eliminated from receiving store coupons & top player rewards. Additionally, you may have your balance, mcmmo and job levels being reset on top of a ban.

    • Automated farms allowed if NOT used to bypass the AFK kick, abuse the job system, or exploit. They must also fall under the hopper and piston limit.
    • You are NOT permited to utilise/create any of the following Silk Spawners:
      • Creeper
      • Enderdragon
      • Ghast
      • Shulker
    • This is disabled in-game already, so you shouldn't need to worry about this. However, if you find a way around this, please inform a member of staff and do not try to use these spawners for your own personal gain as this will result in punishment under the bug exploitation rule.

    • Using any method to glitch above the nether is a bannable offense and will be punished accordingly, in-line with the bug exploitation rule. As a result, setting homes above the nether is NOT allowed.

  • Chat
    • General chat is expected to be kept PG-13 and free of any socially inflammatory topics including politics, drugs, homophobia, sexism, racism, religion and explicit content.

    • Be respectful. Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards a race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.

    • No excessive swearing or filter dodging in general chat, and you may under no circumstances direct it at another player.

    • English in main chat only. Although this may seem unfair, staff are unable to moderate chat in multiple languages and due to our chat restrictions we ask that you use other chats, including party, town, nation, or PM for other languages and/or topics deemed inappropriate for general chat.

    • No spamming – we understand and will tolerate minor character spam as a form of emphasis. However, excessive and obvious spam or flooding of chat will not be tolerated.

    • Don’t dox, (reveal or share private/personal information about others). It is potentially dangerous and you will be removed from the community if you are caught doing so.

    • No impersonating players/staff. This includes nicknames, name changes, claims, etc.

    • No inappropriate or disrespectful nicknames, skins, item names, and usernames. If you have a username deemed inappropriate for the server, you will be banned for a month or until you change it. Once you’ve changed it, appeal on the forums and you will be unbanned. The same applies to skins, until you change it.
    • We have disallowed the topic of sexuality in chat due to several altercations. It is an extremely vague rule and we strive to be as inclusive as possible and this may seem to go against it, that being said I will explain in depth what this rule entails. This does not include any casual conversation you may have about relationships or anything of the sort involving sexuality. It is only disallowed once it's seen as a possibility to spark a heated discussion. Some may see this as disallowing individuals to express themselves but it's the complete opposite and allows for equality and moderation of inflammatory topics and heated discussion the topic of sexuality may have caused in the past. Provocative statements that could possibly spark a heated discussion are also disallowed. Remember that discrimination against any sexuality is disallowed and will still result in a punishment. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and this rule is simply to avoid any hurt or conflict that may follow. We only want what's best for everyone disregarding personal beliefs. 

  • Discord & Teamspeak
    • No voice changers, no excessively loud noises, no music unless in music channels.

    • No punishment evading.

    • No toxicity. 

    • All server chat rules apply to discord chat channels.

  • Advertising & Links
    • Advertising anywhere on our Server, Discord or Teamspeak is not permitted.
      • This includes the IP and Name of another server. You are welcome to share another server with a friend through enjin or other social media, however private messages, signs, books, links, etc. are all punishable.

    • Please don’t post links in chat. We have a plugin that blocks them – so even innocent links may be considered spam.

  • Harassment
    • Harassment will be identified at the discretion of staff. If you feel you are being harassed, do /ds create to contact a staff member or go to 'Report a Player' on the forums.

    • You are allowed to be in other players towns, however if you are there for no other reason than to taunt players, or are needlessly upsetting them, you will be asked to leave.

    • Setting homes in, or near another players build or town is against the rules without their permission. This includes both claimed and unclaimed land.

    • Interfering with a player inside of a town by standing in the way of their build, knocking them out of fly, or blocking them with disguises is considered harassment.

    • Trying to make contact with players who’ve /ignore’d you will result in a ban.


  • PvP
    • Do not lure people into PvP or combat. This includes disguising as a mob so that they combat tag you first.

    • No TP Killing. You are required to wait a minimum of 5 minutes after teleporting before initiating combat with someone. The exemption of this rule is /warp pvp. If you go to the pvp arena, expect to die and be prepared to lose your items.

    • No mob disguising in the pvp arena.

    • If you wish to toggle pvp in your plot or town to kill someone, you must first warn them that you are toggling it, and then wait 60 seconds before engaging in combat.

    • No bypassing non-pvp zones, including the miningworld and towns where pvp is disabled.


  • Griefing & Raiding
    • The only world you are permitted to grief in is the miningworld.

    • Raiding is permitted in the WILD only, and considered to be anything where 10+ non raidable blocks have been broken. You can under no circumstances raid towns, even if their perms are on.

    • Raidable blocks include; coal, diamond, gold, emerald, iron, redstone, and lapis blocks, all ores, beacons, anvils, hoppers, mob spawners, player/mob heads, enchantment tables, crops, banners, shulker boxes, item frames, furnaces, end portals, and chests.

    • Mayors are expected to return active residents items if they have been kicked from the town, for whatever reason. To have chests unlocked by staff, the player must be inactive for 14+ days. Your best option is to use /clearplot. Failing to do so will be considered griefing.
  • Overclaiming abandoned towns or unclaimed builds are not permitted. If you alter, sell, or claim a build that is not yours without the owners permission it will be considered grief.

  • Scamming
    • Scamming without co-operation will almost always result in a long ban. Purposely misleading players in any way will be classified as scamming. If you don’t co-operate, we will assume you did it on purpose.

    • Agreeing upon deals, trades, services, and so forth without completing such will be considered a scam.

    • Claiming or advertising an item as something it isn’t is scamming.

    • Auctioning regular items at high prices is often considered to be you disguising it as a more valuable custom item. If this isn’t the case, simply refund the money/item. If you are unwilling, we will assume you purposely did it to mislead players. Flooding the auction with a mass amount of items will be considered auction spam.


  • Hacking
    • Hacking in any form, and under any circumstance will result in a long temp ban, or perm ban.

    • XRay is not allowed. This includes in ‘bundled’ mods, such as minimaps and texturepacks.

    • Using mods that are not exempt below may also result in a ban.
      • Approved Modifications
        • Optifine

        • Shaders & Texture Packs*

        • Better PvP*

        • Minimaps*

        • Schematica

        • Inventory Tweaks

        • 5Zig 

  • Armour, Weapon, and Potion Status/Affects
    * These modifications may have content not permitted on the server. For example, included macros and xray are still unacceptable.